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In Person Worship

Welcome to Simply Grace in person worship service.

We are so grateful for you joining us.

The Re-Opening Team has set the following standards for our in-person worship. We recognize that all people have had different experiences, have different levels of vulnerability and different comfort levels. To make this a safe and hospitable atmosphere we ask that all are considerate and follow these directions:

If you or any in your household have been exposed to Covid in the past 14 days please do not come to in person worship.

Please use the hand sanitizer station that will be provided upon entering the sanctuary.

Please wear masks when you are mingling, but you can take off masks when seated.

A volunteer will take your name and phone number and keep this on file in case there is any incident of Covid exposure.

We recognize we all want to shake hands and hug; we look forward to the day that is possible, but for now let’s be cautious.

Please follow the protocol that is detailed in bathroom.

We will evaluate these guidelines regularly.

If you have any concerns please reach out by email,

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