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Good things happen in rows, but life best happens in circles.

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Many years ago there was a popular song called a Circle of Friends. I remember playing that CD over and over again because that painted such a beautiful picture of welcome, love and acceptance. It was at that time, seeking those kinds of connections, that I re-engaged in small group participation. I had been in a very transformational small group as a young adult. But the busyness of life and family had made gathering in small group a practice something I had abandoned for years. It was not until I got back into that “circle of friends” that I realized how much I needed those sacred connections in my life. Yes, I went to church most Sundays (in rows) and that was great, but it was in small groups (in circles) that my life was changed.

John Wesley as a young man had a special small group where his faith grew, it was in a small group that he was forever changed. He also recognized that it was this practice that kept him close to Jesus. Later, as he was going out and preaching and teaching, he fostered that same practice for the church. He invited leaders to gather together people into small circles to support one another. Wesley knew that while he could offer a few groups on his own, to really make an impact on the most people this was a ministry he needed to pass the leadership of these circles on to others.

In the same way today, to best bless the most people in our congregation and community, we have our small groups lead by members of the congregation. Last spring, we had a wonderful variety of small groups online and currently we have a hybrid small group happening with people online and in person (drop in any time info is below). This fall we will offer a few different small group options; I ask you to prayerfully consider joining a group.

Sure, attending worship (sitting in rows) is important, but that’s only one hour a week, it’s the relationships you grow in small groups (in circles) that get you through the other 168 hours.

Today my prayer for you is that you have, or you are opened to having a “circle of friends.”

If you need any help in connecting please email us at or call the church office at ‪(908) 940-1531.

We were made to love and be loved But the price this world demands Will cost you far too much Spent so many lonely years just trying to fit in Now I've found my place In this circle of friends In a circle of friends We have one Father In a circle of friends We share this prayer That every orphan soul will know And all will enter in To the shelter of this circle of friends If you weep, I will weep with you If you sing for joy the rest of us Will lift our voices too But no matter what you feel inside There's no need to pretend That's that way it is in this circle of friends

Circle of Friends, Point of Grace

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Gina

Check out updated reopening guidelines:

Based on the most recent guidelines from the CDC the Re-Opening Team has revised our standards for in-person worship.

As a faith community we are concerned with the health of everyone that attends our church. We recognize that all people have had different experiences, have different levels of vulnerability and different comfort levels. To make this a safe and hospitable atmosphere we ask that all are considerate and follow these directions:

  • Please wear masks while you are inside the church. There are masks available in the back.

  • Please use the hand sanitizer station that will be provided upon entering the sanctuary.

  • We recognize we all want to shake hands and hug; we look forward to the day that is possible, but for now let’s be cautious and refrain from doing so.

  • Please follow the protocol that is detailed in bathroom.

  • If you or any in your household have been exposed to Covid in the past 14 days please do not come to in person worship.

  • The greeter will take your name and phone number and keep this on file in case there is any incident of Covid exposure.

  • Please confidentially contact Pastor Gina if you test positive for Covid-19 so that others in attendance may be notified to watch for symptoms.

We will evaluate these guidelines regularly.

If you have any concerns please reach out by email,

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