Jesus Heals 

Tuesday's at 7pm on Zoom: Healing Gospels.

Jan 18-Feb 22, facilitated by Pastor Gina  


This is the link for all Simply Grace Small Groups:

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Read, Reflect, Relate - Not a typical Bible Study
Wednesdays 7:30 PM
In person in church hall 

Simply Grace will be offering a summer small group program to help us stay in contact with each other and our faith. It will be held Wednesday’s at 7PM and last up to one hour. If we end earlier, that will be fine. No book is required.Regular attendance is not required.

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Women's Small Group

Tuesday, 7:00 PM, Kim Eck  Returning Lent 2022

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Weekly PrayerGroup
Tuesday, 7:30 PM, Tom Kinsman, Ongoing 

Each Thursday at 6:30 a group meets for 15 minutes of prayer on Zoom

Lent Small Group

Thursday 7:00 PM, Barry Smith Returning Lent 2022

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