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Pastors' Greetings


In 2017, I said goodbye to Simply Grace UMC and began a new adventure in ministry. There's a saying, “Life takes you unexpected places, love brings you home.” In 2020 love brought me home again to serve once again as the pastor of Simply Grace. I am not sure what God has in store for this season in ministry, but I couldn't have better people to partner with than you. So honored to be on this journey together. Now in July Simply Grace will welcome a new pastor, I know God has wonderful things in store for this church.

 Grace and Peace, Pastor Gina Yeske

Simply Grace welcomes a new pastor in July, 22


Eliezer Franqui was born in New Jersey and raised in Camuy, Puerto Rico. He returned to the United States in 2018, soon after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, bringing with him the Spanish language and culture of his parents, especially the Methodist and Evangelical traditions of his hometown. Eli has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Technologies and holds a master’s degree in Environmental Health. He is currently a Drew Theological Seminary MDiv student and a Bi-Vocational Pastor working at the local church in multicultural settings. Eli’s pastoral journey has helped him cultivate traditional and contemporary worship experiences, as well as a variety of church ministries. Eli has served passionately in music, outreach, and evangelism but preaching the Gospel is what drives his Wesleyan call. Eli is a dad and stepdad to four unique persons: Lianette, Ana Maria, Ezequiel, and Misael. He is also blessed to be the husband of Linés Rosado, his beloved “Lina”.

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