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School Children

Children's Ministry is now online. 

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The Guardian Angels ministry is designed to continue relationships with and offer support to out youth and young adults high school - 24. Each young adult is linked with an individual, family, or group from the church who becomes that person’s angel for the school year.

During the year, we ask angels to monthly send notes of encouragement. The congregation will send out care packages, little gifts from the heart, quarterly to remind the students that their church family is praying for them and thinking about them. This program has been a great success in the past and we need YOU to help it continue.

The Guardian Angels are anonymous during the school year and then meet their students at the Reception in June.

To become a Guardian Angel, or to have one assigned to your child, please contact Judy Hoffman more info here on the form ...

Support for our youth and young adults

Children and Youth Ministry

If you have any questions, or concerns please feel free to contact the program director: Miss Angie                          

Children's Time

Each Sunday, we offer a short, interactive, fun message for children. They are invited to come forward if they wish. (Or show say hi on our Zoom screen) Following the messages student up to 6th grade are invited downstairs for Sunday School or into a separate Breakout room on Zoom during COVID) 

Sunday School

"As Pastor Gina mentioned a few weeks ago in service, this is the time of year where we would typically be celebrating a new Sunday School year and celebrate together with an ice cream sundae party after service and planning our All Hallows Eve Party!  While we aren’t able to have the same fun in person, I am so excited that we have been able to provide an opportunity to connect and learn “face to face” each week.  Children’s Ministry will continue to provide synchronous online Sunday School lessons each week during the 9:30 am worship service. We are embracing our Vision Statement in the 20/21 school year to keep our children’s programming in line with our Worship Series’ for adults, and I encourage you to compare notes with your children after service about our approach and conversations to the scripture and lessons!

Applying the SPICE model to even our youngest members, I invite you to also include even your littlest family members in outreach and enrichment activities. In Sunday School we will be incorporating the SPICE components into our weekly activities, by including a “Homework” portion for children (with parents’ help) to complete.  These will include signing up for a Sunday School Pen-Pal list, practicing prayers for friends and family, card writing campaigns to couple with our Clymer Card drive, and “journaling” or reflection activities on where they see God in their day!                                           -Ms. Angie"

Youth Group

This fun-filled ministry gives every young person in grades 6-12 a positive environment to learn and understand their faith. During this time of COVID we are doing some virtual activities to keep connected. See FB for times and Dates.